What we do

The following  are the key processes that we focus on - although that doesn’t  mean they are all we can do - far from it.

3D Printing

3D printing is an additive manufacture process that allows the creation of  solid three dimentional objects from a digital file. view case study

Vacuum Casting

Our vacuum casting service can offer a low cost solution to the manufacture of production parts. view case study

Traditional Model Making

We have a fully equipped workshop where we can construct traditionally made models view case study


Steriolithography is the ‘workhorse’ of the additive manufacturing world view case study

Other services

At PD we are always adaptable, along with our core processes, we offer a wide range of other services as well. If you dont see something you need please ask.

Additive manufacturing: SLA
3D printing
Silicone tooling
Vacuum casting
Color matching
Traditional model making
Vacuum Forming
High quality finishing
2d-3d conversions
Vacuum metalizing 


Steriolithography is the ‘workhorse’ of the additive manufacturing world, now an everyday concept to all those involved in product development; at PD Models we exploit the technology to your benefit.
Steriolithography or SLA, is an additive manufacture process that builds 3d parts from CAD data using a liquid photopolymer resin and a UV laser to build parts one 2d “Slice” at a time. The laser is fired at the surface of the resin solidifying it into a 2d cross section of your part, the part is then moved down and a recoating blade sweeps across depositing fresh material. The next layer is then exposed adhering to the previous slice and the process repeated until the entire part has been built a layer at a time.

 We offer models built in a DSM Somos watershed resin, a durable clear material. This resin is water resistant and has similar mechanical properties to ABS. (link to datasheet).  Using our machine we build parts at 0.1mm layer thickness, offering excellent detail and accuracy,with good definition in the least time and cost.
Each SLA model will require some amount of hand finishing. Once built our skilled model makers can supply models fresh off the machine or fully finished with a range of paint effects applied to exactly replicate the final product.


SLA models can be supplied:
  •        unfinished and direct from the machine (support removal only)
  •        with a sandblast frosted finish
  •        Finished to a high gloss
  •        Matched to a hard to fine  Spark effect texture
  •        Painted to any colour matched to RAL and pantone reference, or a given sample.


What our clients say

"We have worked with PD Models and Paul Durbin for a number of years, and cannot sing their praises high enough. Their service, knowledge, technical expertise, and willingness to discuss ideas - no matter how odd - is second to none. I cannot recommend then high enough." Kevin Whatley - Merriott Plastics Limited,