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PD Models were approached by a Digital sculptor with the requirement to produce a 3D print of a 3D CAD rendered character to be used on an exhibition stand. The client supplied the 3D CAD data and PD Models had to produce the character and a way of presenting it.

A 3D print was made in high definition using our 3D printer. This recreated the character beautifully without the need for any post processing to get rid of tell tale “stepping” marks that would have showed up with other processes. With the 3D print we were confident that even very fine detail in the 3D cad would show through to the model.

Check out our comprehensive case study on the project.


What our clients say

"PD Models are a delight to work with. The printing is top quality and reasonably priced, everything always arrives promptly and well packed, and Lewis provides excellent service – very quick and knowledgeable. PD Models have helped us improve the quality of our own products and for that, we and our customers are very grateful.  " Stewart Gibbs - Mantic Games