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Light Writer

From CAD data, PD Models produced a working model for both function and fit testing and also for display purposes. SLA parts were produced and finished to spec. Silicon tools made and multiple castings were produced for creating working examples. Artwork was created for the keypad from dry transfers and applied to the castings to reproduce a screen printed finish.

Parts colour matched to a supplied pantone reference were seamlessly assembled with current production parts to create a final model where it was hard to tell the difference between production injection moulded parts and PD Models vacuum casting.


What our clients say

" PDModels has always provided us excellent service.  we use the master prints to make rubber molds for metal casting for collectors who have very high expectations, so cleanness and accuracy of printing are essential. we have enjoyed high-quality prints and excellent customer service with fast turnaround.I would gladly recommend PDModel to any company looking for great quality at an economical rate.  " David Saunders - Megalith Games Ltd.