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3d printed miniatures

These are a selection of 3d printed miniatures for tabletop gameing. All were printed on our Projet 3000 HD printer. All parts were then put through our post processing  process and given a very thin coat of grey primer to prep the models for casting.

At PD Models we understand the need for these types of models to be flawless, as most are used as “master” models for casting processes. With this is mind we can put our Model making background to work, not only utilising our machine effectively but in offering further hand finishing services to ensure that the parts are as good as they can be.

Please note that these models have had a small amount of hand finishing and been given a coat of paint in order to better see the detail.

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What our clients say

"PD Models are a delight to work with. The printing is top quality and reasonably priced, everything always arrives promptly and well packed, and Lewis provides excellent service – very quick and knowledgeable. PD Models have helped us improve the quality of our own products and for that, we and our customers are very grateful.  " Stewart Gibbs - Mantic Games