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3D printing news round-up: January 2017

3D printing news round-up: January 2017

2016 was an interesting year for 3D printing. We’ve seen revolutionary agricultural uses for 3D printing, medical breakthroughs involving 3D modelling, amazing artistic displays and more. As the new year begins, it’s time to cover another selection of 3D printing stories from around the world.

Make your own castle

If you’re looking to embark on a fun science project with your children, this will prove perfect. In collaboration with Creative Tools, Swedish designer Tim Wahlström has created over 75 printable models which will delight 3D printing enthusiasts and those interested in the medieval era of history.

In addition to the castle wall, towers and other architecture, there are also digital models for townspeople, farm animals, weaponry and more. The parts can be printed in the recommended colours, but for those with artistic inclinations, they can be printed in their basic colour and painted. You can show your kids that toys don’t have to be bought from the store, they can be created at home too.

Medical marijuana dispensation

It’s now known that marijuana can be used as a temporary solution to physical afflictions such as arthritis. However, for doctors (in locations where medical marijuana is legal), prescribing the precise dosage can be tricky.

Fortunately, Syqe Medical, an Israeli company, has created a 3D printed marijuana inhaler which allows doctors to dispense the substance remotely. These tiny devices come with 100 microgram cannabis cartridges as well as wireless connectivity to a database serving physicians, researchers and health care entities. This benefits patients as they will no longer have to inhale carcinogens from smoking the marijuana, and they are not at risk of accidentally taking a dosage which is too large.

3D printed buildings in dubai

Dubai is already a city renowned for its amazing architecture, from its dramatic skyscrapers to its magnificent hotels. Fittingly, 3D printed buildings would be the only way that the architecture of Dubai could possibly become more unique.

In May of 2016, a 3D printed office was created in Dubai which truly looks like it came from the future. Amazingly, the 250 square meter structure was constructed in only 17 days using a custom robotic 3D printer that was 20 meters high, 120 foot long and 40 feet wide. It seems that this office will be followed by even more impressive 3D printed buildings.

A specialist architectural 3D printing company, Cazza Construction, is already working with the Dubai government in order to create new buildings throughout the city. Astonishingly, the company claims to be able to create entire houses in only 24 hours using 3D printing technology. This new manufacturing methodology could cut labour costs by a staggering 90%. Stay tuned!

Russian cosmonauts to use 3D printing in space

Russian scientists are currently working on setting up a 3D printer on the International Space Station. They are planning to print living tissue and believe the microgravity conditions aboard the station will be conducive to positive results - the lack of gravity (theoretically) will help to keep the printed cells in place. The technical specifications of the project are currently being tested and approved, so we’ll pick up on this story as soon as we hear more.

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