What we do

The following  are the key processes that we focus on - although that doesn’t  mean they are all we can do - far from it.


Steriolithography is the ‘workhorse’ of the additive manufacturing world view case study

Vacuum Casting

Our vacuum casting service can offer a low cost solution to the manufacture of production parts. view case study

3D Printing

3D printing is an additive manufacture process that allows the creation of  solid three dimentional objects from a digital file. view case study

Traditional Model Making

We have a fully equipped workshop where we can construct traditionally made models view case study

Other services

At PD we are always adaptable, along with our core processes, we offer a wide range of other services as well. If you dont see something you need please ask.

Additive manufacturing: SLA
3D printing
Silicone tooling
Vacuum casting
Color matching
Traditional model making
Vacuum Forming
High quality finishing
2d-3d conversions
Vacuum metalizing 

3D Printing

Pd models utilises the latest in technology to deliver 3d printed parts to a level that is second to none. Using our Project 3000 HD plus machine from 3D systems, we can produce detailed highly accurate parts that are built with a surface quality unmatched from other machines. The level of detail produced really is stunning, constructed parts are smooth and durable and have no problem reproducing fine details such as logos with pin sharp precision. Parts are  built with minimal layer lines or stepping, cutting down on the need for post processing compared with other machines. From high tolerance engineered parts to highly textured CGI sculpted figurines, all are possible.

Parts are built in VisiJet® EX200 material that offers an engineered plastic performance for durability and stability ideal for functional testing and rapid tooling applications. Click to view the datasheet.
Moving parts are also possible with this machine, as the support material is wax, given enough clearance; an entire mechanism can be build already assembled and ready to go in a single part.

- Produce high definition parts with crisp details and smooth surface finish.
-   With ultra fine definition, pin sharp details and wall sections down to 0.2mm can be achieved.
-   Selectable print resolution for a balance of speed, quality and cost.
-   Parts can be Drilled, Glued, Painted, Plated, Cast etc.
-   Highly delicate detailed geometries are possible as the support material is made from wax
     and is easily removed from parts
-   Moving parts are possible.

Hand finishing and print definition
Our Projet 3000 HD plus Machine features selectable print resolution choices for a balance of speed and quality, from ultra High definition 16 micron layers, a middle 25 micron layer and a larger 40 micron layer setting where speed and turnaround is the biggest priority.

Below you can see examples of what to expect. These are photos of a domed part around 35 mm in diameter, zoomed in so you can see the difference. Please note that we have also painted them the blue colour to make it easier to see.
As good as our machine is, sometimes your model needs to be absolutely perfect. If you have a show or need to take the parts through to vacuum casting then PD Models offers a hand finishing service for your  3D printed parts. Our finishing skills are second to none and our experienced model makers can provide a variety of finishes from high gloss to a textured finish, and in any colour.



What our clients say

" PDModels has always provided us excellent service.  we use the master prints to make rubber molds for metal casting for collectors who have very high expectations, so cleanness and accuracy of printing are essential. we have enjoyed high-quality prints and excellent customer service with fast turnaround.I would gladly recommend PDModel to any company looking for great quality at an economical rate.  " David Saunders - Megalith Games Ltd.