3D printing

3D printing works in much the same way as a regular 2D inkjet printer, except multiple layers are built up on top of one another much the same as Stereolithography
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Traditional model making

At the heart of our business lies traditional model making skills that take many years to perfect. We have adapted these skills to maximise the benefits of the latest technologies.
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Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is the process by which prototypes and indeed production parts can be made through the use of a silicone rubber tool made from a master model.
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What our clients say

"PD Models have made high quality prototypes and vacuum castings of TFPP designs for many years. They are very helpful and resourceful to find ways to make a model of any new design. PD Models have always provided a cost effective, reliable and most importantly a rapid service which we will continue to use and would recommend to others.
" Tyco Fire Protection Products - Research and Development